Monday, October 14, 2013

Christmas Shopping Again

I haven't done much Christmas shopping yet this year.  Well okay I did buy for all the women in the family back in May I think.  But now I have all the guys to buy for.  I did find a great place to purchase much of the stuff today with the exception of my father who is so particular I'll have to find him a gift that I can send that will fit in a box in my price range.

So I geeked out a bit with the gifts today.  I even purchased a gift for my husband from Bugsy.  Yes, my kitty is giving his daddy a gift this year.  Oooh I wonder if I can find a kitty's first Christmas ornament?  I might have to make one.

I will still have to purchase a gift card for one male and some white elephant gifts as well if that party is to be held this year.   I don't go overboard on any gift for any holiday or birthday.  We as a society don't value things the way we should and it becomes a tragedy of gifts given in good will that are just re-gifted or disposed of without any thought to how much the person giving it took time and energy to give that gift in the first place.

Besides it isn't your birthday it is Christ's birthday! or at least I'm thinking that as the ingrate gives me that "meh" look and puts the gift aside to open another one.

There is only one thing that I really want this year for Christmas.  I'm sure a few of you can guess.


  1. I need to start Christmas shopping soon!

  2. Christmas will be here before we know it! Sounds like you've got a great jump on your preparations. Praying for you to be enjoying a thriving pregnancy this Christmas.

  3. You're so ahead of the game! I really should get started with my own shopping.

    I am hoping so hard you get what you want this year. ;)

  4. I have been thinking of asking everyone to not do gifts for our Christmas this year. I think instead we can spend some time praying and just being together. Everyone is in a tough financial spot this year and we can celebrate without gifting :)

  5. I have definitely seen ornaments for pets, I'm not sure about first Christmas ones. Try Kohl's or Hobby Lobby or look online!


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