Friday, October 4, 2013


Okay exciting news!  No I'm not pregnant, yet.

I got the cat to the vet today.  He, yup it is a he, is chipped.  They looked up his chip and called the first owner.  The cat's name is Bugsy.

The first owner got him when he was just 5 weeks old.  She had him until this year when her twins developed an allergy to the cat.  Just something that I am afraid of too if I have a baby.  I mean I remember well how upset my dad was when he found out I'm allergic to dogs.

Bugsy is approximately 3 years old.  I spoke directly with the first owner and we created a birth date of 1 June 2010 for him.

The first owner did adopt him out to a Pets-mart but the next owner never registered the cat on the installation or with the microchip company.  Not once did I see a Craig's list posting for this cat or bookoo or posters on the mail boxes.

The cat was malnourished too.

Thankfully Bugsy doesn't mind car rides all that much as I will be taking him in to the Vet's office for vaccinations in November.  He is already up to date on his shots for this year and neutered.  The first owner had him vaccinated for rabies and distemper in May but in order to properly register him with housing I have to get the shots done for record keeping.

After I got the cat home I went to the Exchange and got more litter, cat food, toys, a bigger kennel, catnip, treats and totally forgot the scratching post!  I'm not too worried since he only claws at my cheap carpets but it is a habit I'd rather he didn't get into.  So I guess I'll be going back in a day or so to get him a scratching post.


  1. That's great you could talk to his first owner and get a little history on him! Fantastic news about the cat, I bet he'll be nice and plump in no time, and I bet he is so happy to have you :)

  2. I wish you were within easy driving distance. I've got a big ole scratching post/cat bed/climbing thing that's about to hit the dump.

  3. Aww! Cute name! So glad he's yours and is settling in. Can't wait to hear more!

  4. Aw that's great!!! Love the name too!


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