Thursday, October 31, 2013

Candy Night

Today is of course Halloween.  I won't be handing out candy this year.  This year it is my husband's job.

I'll be in the kitchen with Bugsy and the door shut so no out accidentally lets him out of the house.  Trick or Treating is only allowed between the hours of 1800 and 2000 hrs here on the military installation.

I've given J instructions to stick with on how to hand out the candy.  Sometimes he stupidly breaks the rules.  It isn't cute when so many germy hands are grabbing in the bowl taking more candy than told to take so that we run out and other kids get none.  Kids can be greedy.

I told him to hold the bowl to his side and he is the only one allowed to dip into the bowl and hand out candy.  You don't know if the kids are sick and I don't want them spreading their diseases all over the entire stock of candy.  Just being safe.

I'm not hiding in the kitchen because I don't like children.  I'm not worried about seeing tots in strollers or pregnant bellies, I'm over that issue with Halloween.  But I don't want the cat meowing from being lonely in the other room.  I don't want Bugsy to feel neglected because we have the door opening and closing for two hours.  Nor do I want him to get out and get hurt by kids who grab at animals or hate cats.  Oh and my cat is a klutz.  Yeah most cats are agile critters.  Not Bugsy.


  1. We sat outside passing out candy much easier that way so our animals don't freak out.

    1. If only it were warm enough up here to stay outside and hand out candy.

  2. Hoping the night went well for all of you.


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