Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Days Passing By

While J is away I've been trying to keep my sanity.  Today my RE office called to let me know I could go pick up a script that they just got in.  Nothing major just the prenatal vitamins.  I really don't feel like leaving the house today so I won't.  This is my second day of not having to leave the house to drive some place and I'm enjoying the bit of a break.

J left last week, middle of the week, and I've been driving all over since he left.  My days are so run together that I can't remember what I got accomplished on what day now.

My typical day is this while he is away:
0130 hrs in bed finally to sleep
0300 hrs up to pee
0430 hrs or slightly before - up to take meds
0600 hrs up again to pee
0830 hrs to take more meds
1000 hrs finally drag myself out of bed to pee, wash, and get dressed
1030 hrs scoop liter box, become slave to new cat, try to get work done including online shop
1230 hrs oh yeah I forgot to eat didn't I.  Time to eat.
1430 hrs after dishes are done, laundry started, housework middle of completion become slave to cat again.
1730 hrs realize I should make dinner
1800 hrs cat says he wants dinner now  feed Bugsy now inside
1815 hrs feed stray cat outside
1900 hrs read for a bit then computer time with the hopes of catching my husband online

Now what J has been doing in photographs.  I am assuming I can put the photos here as they were on facebook already along with their time table so I can't really consider it an OPSEC violation if they are already that public.

Kind of self explanatory with all the photos.  He set up tents, dug firing positions, stood guard duty, taught map reading, received a medal, goes to work in his MOS, back to guard duty and somewhere in all that he gets some sleep and food before  his day starts all over again.  Mind you he doesn't have a tent to sleep in but that is okay because quite a few others don't have tents either with the ground being too hard to put in regular tent pegs.  I can assure you he still has shelter to sleep in, just not the conventional tent kind.


  1. Just curious if your clinic ever got back to you about the endometrial scratching and HCG drop?

  2. My days run together when Kyle is gone too, it's crazy!

    1. Its been a week since he left. Just feels at times like I'm in a loop.

  3. Ugh I know the feeling! I end up not eating right or cooking as much when my husband is traveling too. Try to take care of yourself, and hope your hubs gets to come home soon!


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