Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Suppression Scan FET No. 2

I'm still waiting on the blood results of the E2 (estrogen) and thyroid levels.  Most likely those will be back later this afternoon.  However, I did go to the RE clinic at Madigan.

Dr. Chow denied that he saw me last month.  Maureen pulls open my chart and says that it states that he did see me.  So that is how the appointment started off.  Ugh!

Insert wand.  Lining is now 3.7 mm.  Okay that is a good thing which means I'm almost done bleeding.

Right ovary.  Ah crap 15 mm cyst.

Left ovary.  Mega crap.  I have a 4+ CM fluid filled cyst sitting behind the ovary.  Great!

Last month it was 5 cm so the good part is that it shrank a bit.

Howver, Dr. Chow still thinks that the E2 levels will come back to show that I'm suppressed.  He thinks that they'll still be able to proceed with the FET as planned.

I really hope Dr. Chow is right.

I did ask him about doing a drop of HCG at the time of transfer.  I know that he isn't doing the transfer but that PNW is doing that part.  He said that there is no evidence to show that it works.  Yes, I did tell him that it worked for a friend of mine.  I said what clinic in CA and he gave a sneer at that little mention.  Looked like he wanted to make a comment, not a nice one, about that clinic.

This morning I did email my nurse at PNW to beg ask if we could do the HCG drop.  I'm not a betting person but I can almost bet that they will again say "no".  I'll be shocked if they decide to do that little bit for my piece of mind.


  1. This doctor continues to sound terribly rude!! I hope this cycle is it for you and you never have to see him again!

  2. I agree with the above, they sound rude! Part of working in medicine is being open to new ideas.

  3. Ugh, even if it doesn't work could it hurt to try? I'll never understand people not being open to new ideas like that if it won't hurt anything.

    Really hoping your E2 comes back low!!!

  4. I am so sorry you have a bad experience with your doctor. I hate feeling like I've inconvenienced the doctor by being there or my body being difficult or asking for protocols or about protocols I have heard about.

  5. I did at least one transfer with the HCG at my clinic and then they stopped doing it, so I don't think my clinic found a statistical difference in transfers with it. FWIW. But do ask for what you want. Sometimes I just think feeling confident about your protocols helps anyway.

  6. This Dr. is seriously misguided and it drives me crazy.

  7. Sheesh. What a doctor. I can't believe him. Let's hope you can do the hcg at PNW.

  8. I am sorry for your doctor. He should have looked at your chart before you walked in the room. Hoping for the best for you!


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