Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Working Out Some Calendar Kinks

Just spoke with my nurse at PNW.  The doctor wanted to keep me on 6 weeks of bcp.  Ugh!  NO!

I'm so nauseated, having acid reflux really bad too, that I don't want to eat because of the bcp.  So noted and they'll bump up the FET.

With any luck I'll start the Lupron in about a week or two and have a transfer before Thanksgiving.  As it stands the schedule would have me doing the transfer the first week of December.  So maybe mid November a transfer is possible.

The fax machine at my local RE office is now kaput.  They were hoping that the budget would have passed and they would have purchased a new one.  So now all the formally faxed orders will have to be email to the IVF nurse coordinator at the local office.

One of the reasons PNW wanted to push for a second bcp pack was that they misunderstood our schedule and thought J would be out of town for the month of November.  He'll be here in garrison.  Now that they know that they are more than happy to fix the calendar.


  1. Glad they got the kinks sorted out and you might be going sooner! Really hoping for you :)

  2. Glad they are working with you and your scheduling needs! Moving forward!

  3. I'm happy its all working out in the end. there's always so many obstacles when we are trying to get something important done. I hope that the acid reflux calms down. Mines was really bad a few weeks ago and i'm better now.


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