Monday, October 7, 2013

Reasons Mommy Drinks

After reading Reasons Mommy Drinks I'm almost afraid to have children as I may never want to be sober!  But in all seriousness I do want children I just don't have any yet.

There are days that I dream about stepping over, not on, obstacles that my child might leave in the middle of a room when the power goes out.  I dream of being that super mom that doesn't lose her temper and just grins and bears it.  Did I mention I dream of that?  Oh I know from all the years of babysitting and seeing my friends become mothers that it just won't be the way I had envisioned.

Sometimes before bed I love to regale my husband on what I hope to have in a child.  I hope that my child learns to be creative and I know it will be messy but I hope it won't use its own poo to paint with unlike the horror stories my parents told me that their parents told them of what they did as babies.

I hope that my child will want to have me read bedtime stories to it.  But I also hope that we won't be stuck on board books for five years.  No I'm hoping that my child will let me read adventure stories to it without all the pictures stunting their imaginations.

Talking to my spouse I tell him that I know my child won't be perfect and I'll try to be ready when the child brings home a less than perfect report card.  I know that grounding never helped me learn anything except that my parents were ignorant about the subject in which I was failing.  How the heck is "go to your room and study" going to help a child that doesn't understand what they are studying in the first place.  I want to be that mom that understands that a low grade means that maybe, just maybe, my child doesn't get the subject matter and might need someone to help them understand it better.

Oh and I will be one of those parents that limits television time.  My parents did just that very thing.  Though I think it wasn't that they were worried about my brain development, attention span, or eyesight but more likely the cost of the electric bill and wanting more alone time.  I grew up with the "go outside and play" parents.  Little did they know I was swinging from trees, digging holes in their woods, and have fires in the underground pit my friends and I dug.  Okay so some of my childhood was pretty darn great when I got away from the television.

I look forward to some day having a child.  Until I do have a child, "Cheers!".

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  1. Sounds like you know what you want to do with your future children!


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