Monday, June 2, 2014

32 Weeks 1 Day

Yesterday I took the day off from the internet, tv, and anything outside of the home.  Yes I stayed home all day.  I have no energy.  It is like the first trimester all over again.  Anything I eat just comes back up.

This morning I had a protein bar and a glass of juice of which both are now coming back to haunt me.  I can't sleep because of the pain from the spinal stenosis in my neck.  The way the baby is positioned it is hard to breath and affecting my asthma.

My main joy right now is watching her kick a lot.  I am reassured when I see her kick that all will be well.

Dad is still in the hospital.  He's been there for two months.  He is starting to bloat back up again from the high salt food and he is developing gout.  Mom and I are guessing it won't be much longer until he is battling another round of congestive heart failure with all the fluid retention.  Truly I can't ever remember him being in the hospital this long before.  I'm starting to wonder if he will ever get out alive.

Over the weekend my cousin J9 gave birth to her twin boys.  Both weighing over 5 pounds a piece.  Not bad for a few days past 35 weeks.  Here is hoping that they both have long lives without health issues.  Her story isn't mine to tell so I'll leave the details out of this post.

Balfour Beatty Reality is presently trying to fix the closet issue that they started working on Friday afternoon.  Friday they tore out the master bedroom closet ceiling and removed three black garbage bags of materials from the space.  They realize that the support walls are rotted out.  However, they aren't going to fix it.  They were told to only do the minimum.  Since it isn't a contractor doing the work I can only assume that Jim Grainy lied to me for the past month when he said that he was waiting on 2 to 3 bids from outside contractors to get the work done in that space.  Most likely they just didn't want to do the work.  I live on one of the four remaining streets in a village that has all been rebuilt.  And no there is no date upon which I'll be asked to move out so that they can tear down this condemned section of housing.  Yes, it was condemned!  But this is typical of the Army housing.  The Army command is well aware of the housing issues at each of the installations.  That is the reason why they sold the housing to private realtors so that it could be fixed.  Little did the Army know that the new owners wouldn't fix the issues with housing in a timely manner because it isn't profitable.

My village is standard issue  2 bedroom for E1-E6 pay grade with up to two children non-school age.  The fact that the housing contains mold, lead paint, and asbestos doesn't matter to those that collect our BAH.  They actually dared to tell us that it doesn't have lead paint.  LOL  I could smell the mold when I walked through the place and they said they'd take care of that.  Well they didn't.

I told J that he needs to study, go to the board, get promoted to E-6 and while he is waiting for that to happen hope that in 6 months his window to re-enlist will open up at 18 months out so that he can request a new duty station in a years time.  I'm really afraid to raise my daughter in a unit that should have been ripped down 5 years ago as many a neighbor has told me.  Yes, my own neighbors have told me that it was condemned.

Well enough of that.  I guess my last few posts haven't gone over all that well with followers as I've lost two of them.  Too much complaining?  Too many pregnancy updates?

Well sorry to offend but it is my blog.

And here is a 32 week photo:
I still haven't gained weight.  I thought I had but as it turns out I lost 2 pounds.  Hoping I gain a pound or two soon as people are starting to wonder if I'm trying to diet and I'm not!


  1. happy 32 weeks, you are looking great! :)

  2. Sorry that your dad is still in the hospital, I hope that he recovers and gets out of there soon.

    Sorry about the housing too, yikes! What a mess :(

    You look great though, and I'm glad things are going well with the baby. Sorry about the nausea and vomiting, maybe morning sickness came back? I know I've had some bouts of that myself around this stage.

  3. Wow, that housing situation sounds terrible! :( I'm so sorry to hear about your dad, too. What a week!

    Congrats on 32+ weeks!


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