Thursday, June 26, 2014

35 Weeks 4 Days

Today I was at my regular OB appointment.  Yesterday was the high risk OB appointment.  I'll give details now about both appointments.

Baby Girl is doing well.  She now weighs 5 lbs 3 ounces.
Her head is still small at the 6th percentile.
Her femur length is still small.
Her abdomen and humerus are measuring right on track and within the good ranges.  Overall she is 22.8th percentile.

I have more blurry pictures of her but I won't be posting them.  Instead I'll be working on her scrapbook since I have bed rest now prescribed.

The blood work and urine tests were in today.  Pre-eclampsia.  Oh well.  Kind of knew we had a good chance of winning that lottery since I had hypertension before pregnancy.

I start the twice weekly NST to make sure baby girl is going to be okay.

Today I had the swab for the GBS.  Is it normal that the doctor also ran the swab across the rectum too?

Well I need to post this blog and get off my feet.  I'll be using J's computer which is a pain in the butt for most of the rest of the pregnancy.


  1. Glad your under the watchful eyes, try to take care and rest are there plans to deliver you earlier than onset of labor? So do you get to deliver close to home or are you going further hard to believe she is almost here.

  2. Yes, they check for group B strep at both the vagina and rectum so totally normal.

    Sorry for the pre-e and bed rest. I am glad they're on top of things though. You are doing great, it's hard to believe you're over 35 weeks now!

  3. Sorry you're on bedrest, I know that'll be tough! Prayers!

  4. Bummer that you are on bedrest!

  5. Yes normal to be swabbed both places. Sorry to hear that you are on bedrest but you are close to the end of the pregnancy so overall you did really well in keeping pre-e at bay! Take care of yourself.


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