Monday, June 16, 2014

Savannah Photo Session

Saturday J and I drove down to Savannah to do our maternity photo shoot.  I think it went pretty well.  We only had one glitch but that can be photo shopped according to our photographer.  J couldn't find his tan t-shirt that he packed for the shoot.  Oh, he found it the next day at the bottom of his gym bag which doesn't surprise me since the thing is a veritable bag of holding.

So far only three unedited photos are available for me to view.  It was a two hour session which means that well over one hundred photos were taken.  I'll share with you the three that I have.  I did pay extra for the flash drive with the signed photo release so that I can make more photos over the years just in case something happens to the photos that I give to the family.

Okay so no my bump isn't that huge.  Victoria had me pose in a way that made it look larger plus add in the fact that I'm not wearing a maternity dress.  Yes that is correct, I still fit into my normal clothing at 34 weeks.  Rather scary but I'm being honest.  Baby girl isn't going to be huge.  Today I bought more in the  newborn sizes for her that I had previously purchased in 0-3 months and up sizes.  Yes, I was expecting a larger kid when I saw how big her hands and feet were.  All is well since she is healthy.  And no I still don't have an answer on the echocardiogram and what path they want to take for the baby's safe delivery.  Rather hard to want to do Hypno babies when you can't relax and plan for a natural birth or even finish packing one's bags for massage things either.  So annoyed.  Hopefully I'll have an answer later this week.  First clothing options for this photo.
All of these photos were taken in and around Forsyth Park in Savannah Georgia.  This was the first time I was there.  See now, my bump really isn't all that large even with the stripes giving the illusion that it is bigger.  I still need suspenders to keep up the maternity pants I swear.  This was the first clothing change for us both.
See the white t-shirt issue?  This was J's second clothing change.  I was assured the white t-shirt issue could be turned tan for the final photos.  The onesie we are holding was the first piece of baby clothing that we bought over seven years ago when we start trying to conceive a baby.  J had just joined the military and I had been off the pill for about 3 months at the time.  The onesie says, "US Baby Drool Sergeant".  One cool thing I noted, I can start to see my collar bone again as seen slightly in the photos.  I haven't seen that since I started the fertility treatments in 2007!


  1. They are beautiful!!! :) You look fantastic.

  2. AWSOME pictures.....real treasures for your family. You look great

  3. You look incredible! And your bump is lovely!


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