Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fact Finding

Yesterday I spent almost four hours at the salon.  So yes, not all of it was on my hair some of it was a gab session.

I met several nice ladies at the salon.  The one coloring my hair was a former Army SGT.  The one in the drying chair next to me was a former 1stSGT and the one getting her hair cut was a former Col.

The one I met upon check-in is my age and also infertile.  She said seeing me 8 months pregnant and only 8 days older than her gave her hope for the infertility treatments she was thinking of embarking on soon.  Instant friendship there.  I will be going back to this salon again.

We ladies talked a lot about pregnancy, family, Army, duty to the family and the soldiers.  It was just so nice.  Before I knew that the woman getting her hair cut was a former doctor we were just gabbing about the pregnancy and the fertility treatments.  She was quite knowledgeable which should have tipped me off.  Her job in the Army started out as a pediatrician, she then switched to Internal Medicine and became Chief of Surgery.  She said with the PFO (patent Foramen Ovale) not being found in my first echocardiogram 5 years ago that it means that the hole formed in my heart from the increased blood volume during pregnancy and that I should seriously consider the Cesarean section option if given that choice.  She explained to me the risks involved if going natural.

Today I visit my high risk OB in Savannah.  Hopefully I'll be given more information about what to expect.  I no longer expect to have the chance for a natural birth nor do I think I want to take the risks involved.  While, yes, I am still willing to give my life to save my daughter's life I'd also like to be there to watch her grow up.  With the hole in the heart there are still high risks that even with a C-section I could die in the 6-12 week after delivery when the body is trying to recover.  I doubt that will happen as I'm one strong willed woman that wants to live and will fight to make it happen.  However, it is nice to have a reality check now an then to put things into perspective.

Maybe today I'll find out what the heck a "squishy septum" also means when it came to my heart.  From what I could find out online it is a third heart sound which is not uncommon during pregnancy.

I'll update more as time goes by.  Next week I see my regular OB and will know what he suggests too.  Nothing like a second and third opinion to scare the dickens out of you!


  1. Sorry that it sounds more scary now. I think it's good you're looking into things and talking to your doctors, hopefully they will give more insight and you can all decide what's safest for you all. Thinking of you.

  2. Yikes! I hope you are able to get as much info as you need to give you the power to make your choices, knowledge is power but hey, fear is fear so hope you get a balance. I'm happy you found a ahhhh zone if only for the day, funny how sometimes when we think we're so not where we want to be, you find yourself maybe where you should be, hopefully all these new findings scary as they are and your knowledgable new acquaintance are purposeful ....keep on trucking momma


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