Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hoping and Praying

Though I don't have a wonderful relationship with my parents I don't wish them ill either.  Almost three months ago Dad was brought into the hospital.  We had hopes that he would be released yesterday but his potassium count went up again.  He is getting depressed.  I can't think of many folks who wouldn't with being stuck in the hospital for as long as he has been in one.

Today I got a two more photos from my photographer of which I sent to my mom.  She brings them to Dad in his room.  Hopefully she'll see her email tonight and bring them in to him tomorrow.  It always cheers him up.

Tomorrow is my next growth scan.  Hoping that little girl is growing.  Praying that her head is much bigger than the 9th percentile it was last scan.

I'll end here with the two photos that I recently saw online.  Hard to believe I'm only one pound bigger than my start weight.


  1. These are great photos and I'll be praying for a great scan!!!

  2. beautiful pictures and I'm praying for your dad.


  3. Praying for and anxiously awaiting news of the ultrasound results.

  4. Sending lots of good thoughts and prayers for a great scan. Love the pictures, you look beautiful.


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