Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wading Through the Chaos

Okay I do more than my fair share of complaining of late.  I know I know.  However, you'd complain too if you dealt with what I do.

Folks when you read through my blog posts do the majority of you skim them or do you read them fully?  If this is the first time you've found my blog do you read the "about me" section to find out more of what I've been through?

I only ask because some of the comments I get from annons and first timers seem to be sometimes off the wall.  I'd assume, but assuming anything isn't good, that perhaps they didn't read the "about me" section.

So last night was the monthly FRG meeting.  Ugh what a mess.  The FRG leader didn't show up.  They tried to joke about her taking a vacation but the second in command wasn't too happy about not being informed that she wouldn't be there as it made her not prepared.

The FRG is still throwing the commander's wife a baby shower.  She is due the day before me for her second child.  I wasn't the only one miffed at the funds going towards her shower.  There was a young couple at the meeting that was given a cheap baby blanket and a certificate in a one dollar frame for the arrival of their newborn.  How the heck is that fair?  How about the five other couples that are due in July?  Oh they will all get the cheap baby blanket and framed certificate too.  How do I know it is cheap?  They went over the expenditures this meeting.  Just over $21 was spent on each gift leaving our FRG with another $700 in the account.

Why wasn't some of this spent on the Organizational Day?  Why did the families have to pay for the swimming pool fees and bring food?  So much for a mandatory fun day with everything included. It was included if you brought it.  Where is the money going besides for the Commander's wife's baby shower is what I'd like to know.  Misappropriation of funds.

No child care is provided at the FRG meetings.  We have plenty of money to pay for it.  Instead those that have the floor have to almost scream to be heard over the cacophony that the children are making.  Seriously folks if you bring your child pay attention to them and don't be texting with your best bud while ignoring your child who is screaming and running around the room.  The FRG meeting is a place to find out information not your child's playground.

You know what?  I don't care if I lose another reader like I did over the pet peeve post.  This is after all my own blog.  I can state my own opinions here.  If you don't like it don't read it.

As for last week's high risk OB appointment.  The Army never released to my high risk OB the echocardiogram.  It took me calling the high risk OB twice this week to find out the progress of their confirmed fax.  Finally today they called me back to let me know they got their copy of it for tomorrow's appointment.  Today I have an appointment with my regular OB team.  This particular doctor I have never seen before.  I've no clue as to their gender, not like that matters all that much to me.  What matters is if they actually read my chart.

Last night I had a horrible headache in my right temple.  It hurt to touch the spot.  The contractions are getting to be more frequent.  I guess that is normal considering I have about 5 weeks left in the pregnancy.  Still we have no clue which way we'll be allowed to deliver the baby.  At this point I can almost guarantee that full natural delivery will not be allowed.  Most likely it will involve a possibility of being induced like they warned me for week 39, possible vacuum and or forceps as they won't want me to be pushing for too long.  All of this means I'll probably be on some sort of pain med too.  But this is just me assuming from all the research I've done on IUGR babies and PFOs complicated by all my other medical conditions.

Hey we knew this wasn't going to be an easy pregnancy.  I'm handicapped and I usually deal quite well with the various medical conditions that I have.  I won't be able to run marathons, ski down hill, ice skate, or swim 20 laps but I can love and care for my child to the best of my ability and help her in her interests.  If I can't do it I'll find someone that can help her.  Luckily J used to be a snowboard instructor so she is covered when it comes to fun on the slopes.

Now I'm just blathering on .


  1. Technically they are not allowed to spend that money on a baby shower unless it has been voted on by the entire FRG.

  2. I always enjoy your posts, and read them all the way through- have been a military dependent and spouse in my life so I get all that-the good, the bad, and the military in all your posts. Have admired how you have handled the move and having to deal with new docs, new everything.

  3. Only five more weeks - I hope it flies by and you can leave the world of OBs behind for awhile!


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