Friday, June 6, 2014

Distracting Myself

I've been distracting myself from thinking about what could possibly be wrong with baby girl's growth by working on her nursery.  Now that the closet in the master bedroom is back in place I've moved all of our clothing over to where it should be.

Saturday evening the crib is due to arrive.  Hopefully we'll have it put together by Sunday afternoon.  Meanwhile I've washed all the crib and bassinet bedding and I even ironed her crib skirt since it came out so wrinkled from the dryer.

Today I'll be hanging up the pictures and the shadow box in her room.  The shadow box was something that my maternal grandfather had made for my mother when she was a little girl.  My mom was surprised to hear last night that I still had it.  Why wouldn't I have it?  I try to take care of all items that are passed down through the generations.  Baby girl will be getting my maternal grandmother's hope chest when she turns 16 just like I received it.  The hope chest was made from the top of an upright piano by grandma's father.  For now it is used as my coffee table in the living room.  Since it is also of cherry wood it will fit in nicely with the crib once it is morphed into her double bed, the night stand and the student desk all of which are made of cherry wood.  I will eventually replace baby girl's maple bird's eye dresser with a cherry wood one so that even though they might not be a matching set fully they will be of the same wood and similar finish.

I like sitting in my daughter's room on the bird's eye maple rocker just rocking there and dreaming of what will be.  I know she won't be perfect but I wasn't either and have no expectations of the such.  I dream of rocking her, watching her grow and learn and someday leaving the nest to start her own life.  I hope that I stay healthy and will be there to see it all.  My maternal grandmother didn't live to see me born nor my older brother.  But back in the 60's cancer was a life sentence, today not so much.  Now if the next pap comes back with the squamous cells being worse than before at least I know they can catch it in time and with treatment I'll live a longer life to see all those wonderful life goals of my daughter's.

I have been taking photos of the progress I've been making on the nursery.  It is less of a disaster area now than it was a few weeks back.  The carpet is in place, the mamaroo is on a smaller version of the bigger carpet and the rocking chair has a carpet under it too.  For now the bassinet is off to the side of the room where the crib will go.  The bassinet will either get moved to the master bedroom or moved to the middle of the nursery.  We haven't decided which and since our room is right across the hall it would be easy to leave the bassinet in her room.

just a corner of the mess from before. Next four photos are what it looks like now that I've moved things around.

A bit more organized in the last four photos.  Like I said I still have to do more.  Today I'll hang up the Peter Rabbit posters, the shadow box and the painting of Kathleen that I planned on putting in her room.  Same one I had at JBLM.  Kathleen was the lady that babysat my paternal grandfather and also my brother and I when we were kids.  She died when I was just 7.  The photo is of her when she was a little girl and is done with pastels over the photo to create an accent with the effect of a painting.  I still have to put up the Peter Rabbit decals which will create a border around the room.  The crib bedding is also Peter Rabbit.  Yes, I'm a big fan of Peter Rabbit!

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