Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Share The Love

Share the Love
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Share 7 things you love about your significant other
1) His hands.  I know that sounds odd but he can create such beautiful things with his hands.  One day I'll share photos of his chainmaille.
2) His creativity.  
3) His energy.  I wish I could harness some of his energy and store it for my own needs to get things done when he is down range.
4)  The way he can throw himself into a project and forget about all else around him.
5)  His sensitivity.  
6) When he puts his mind to it he can really cook up a storm in the kitchen.  I just don't want to clean up after it.
7)  His sense of humor.
Share 7 random facts about you - or 7of your favorite things - or 7 things you love about yourself
1) I have only two piercings.
2) I'm a flip flopper or perhaps social chameleon is a better word.
3) I don't have a favorite color.  Its more like a color of the day that fits my mood.
4) I'm much older than my spouse.
5) I'm a cat person and I really miss having a fur baby under foot.
6) I don't have a favorite food.  Again its all depending on my mood.
7)  My interests keep me going and make me more fun to be around.

10 number game -think of your life and how the number relates to your life:
1) I met J almost 10 years ago; less than 29 days until we celebrate that date.
2) Before this past IVF 10 pounds stood between me and my ID card weight.
3) I filed for divorce from my first husband 10 years and almost 10 months ago.
4) 10 to the fifth power for books I still need to read on my shelves.
5) 10 the particular day I'd rather forget in a particular month of my life.
6) The maximum number of toppings I can stand on a pizza before I say no more.
7) My favorite number month for Autumn.
8)  I have 10 fingers.
9)  I have 10 toes.
10)  I co own 10+ fire arms.

2 things you've learned through this IF journey or things you would tell someone that just started this IF journey.

1) Don't pee on a stick before you get your blood work unless you DO WANT to drive yourself insane.
2)  Make sure your significant other is really on-board with all this fertility stuff as it can wreck a marriage if he/she isn't fully prepared for the emotionally roller coaster.

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  1. Hey dear. Thank you for posting my blog, but would be kind enough to post the link to MissConception instead of my personal blog? It gets confusing I know, but my main posts about IF are shared on that one in particular.
    Thinking of you.

  2. Thank you so much for joining in. I really love learning so much more about you!

    1. Well thanks for posting this particular quiz. I do so enjoy filling them out. Alas now I need to find something else to blog about today.


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