Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Flower surprise from J, my beloved, on Valentines' Day.  He also bought me several beads for my bracelet.  He is spoiling me and well of late I really do deserve the extra loving.

I've been tagged by Jen at and I'll be tagging a few of you as well.  Hopefully none of you get the same tag twice as this is going around rampant in our little IF community it seems.

Here are the rules:

1)  First post the rules.
2)  Answer 11 questions from the person that tagged you.
3)  Create 11 NEW questions for the people you tag.
4)  Tag people and link them to your post.
5)  Let them know that you tagged them.

The questions I have to answer are as follows:

1)  What is your favorite room in your house?
I'd have to say the office.  Someday I hope that our second bedroom, the now current office, will become the nursery.

2)  If you could be on any reality tv show, which one would you choose?
Sister Wives.  Fertile women for the most part and they are willing to share their kids with one another.  Ah the blessings of motherhood.

3)  What songs are on the soundtrack of your life?
"I would die for that", "Oceans Apart Day After Day", "Far Away", "Come Home Soon".. you get the idea.

4)  Do you have any hidden talents?  What are they?
Yes I have hyper mobile joints, need I say more?

5) Pirate or Ninja?

6)  What are your favorite smells?
Food cooking that I didn't have to cook.

7)  What is the best vacation that you've ever taken?
I'm still waiting on that one.  They keep getting better.

8)  What would you do for work if you could do anything you wanted, succeed and be able to support yourself?
Read books and get paid for it.

9)  How did you meet your husband or significant other?
I met J at a friends wedding.  Two of my friends were getting married to each other and J ended up being the best man at last minute.

10)  Which Disney princess, if any, do you most identify with?

11)  Have you ever met or talked to another blogger in person or on the phone?
Nope.  Though I wouldn't mind meeting up with a few here locally.  HINT HINT HINT!

Now for the ones that I'm tagging:

1) Jessica at
2) Sunflower at businessofbaby
3) livingourlifeincycles
4) Stephanie at
5) Cristy at searchingforoursilverlining
6) Suzy at notafertilemyrtle
7) EndoJoanna at endojoanna
8) Stephanie at stephanietheblondie
9) Natalie at natandlee
10) Sarah at sarah-babytalk
11) Nicki at whatdreamersdo

And now my 11 questions for the bloggers above.  Don't mind me I'm not nosy or anything.

1) What is the one food you absolutely refuse to eat?
2)  What is your favorite food?  Please send me the recipe for the dish.
3)  If you could only bring one book with you to a deserted island which one would you chose and why?
4)  If you could only bring either a hibachi or a frying pan with you to the deserted island which one and why?
5)  In the event of a Zombie attack which would you prefer for your weapon of choice, a shotgun with only two shells or a bowie knife?
6) What smell reminds you of your significant other?  and why?
7)  If you had the space for it would you grow your own vegetables?
8)  What one personal possession means the most to you and why?
9)  If you could relive a moment from childhood which one would you choose?
10)  Life is short, the doctor gave you 6 months to live and you just won $100,000 what would you do?
11)  Someone that hurt you badly in your past is now asking for your forgiveness, do you give it?  


  1. What a sweet Valentine gift! The roses are beautiful.

    I loved reading your answers. I'm totally a Ninja gal too. :)

  2. Ninjas are awesome! Thanks for tagging me! I can't wait to do this as soon as I get through my google reader!


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