Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mini Holiday Part Deux

I know it doesn't look like much but this is where we stayed.  Its an old Naval base in the Pacific Northwest.  At $45 per night during peak weekends its not all that bad.  Well except that its government run or I should specify MWR (morale, welfare, and recreation) run.  Which means that the money I spend at the Post Exchange pays for the upkeep of this place.  We stayed two nights here and spent $80 due to a discount for an off peak night.
Low tide on Pacific Beach.  J and I decided to go for a walk and look for shells.  Clams were being dug up and even though we could have rented the equipment for the clam digging at the resort we chose not to.  I was quite happy hunting for the elusive intact sand dollars.  Never did find one.  The clam diggers were breaking them in half with their equipment.  But I did take home some rather nice shells, a crab shell, drift wood and some rocks.  I do love rock picking.  Odd I know.

Close up photo of the sand.  I had the dickens of a time getting this photo to come out clearly.  But yes the sand is that pretty.

Photo of J who was also taking pictures of the sand.  He is so sweet humoring me by walking in the cold wind and carrying my bag of ocean vomit.  Well the ocean did spit it up.

This is just how rough and ugly the surf looked when we arrived at Pacific Beach.  Taken just before the tide went out.

This is was our room.  I did say it was run by the MRW right?  Well that means that the heater in our room broke down on our last night at 2100 hrs right in the middle of Downton Abbey.  Yup, we were given a space heater and an apology but no discount for the inconvenience.  At first they were going to put us in another room.  So I packed everything up and lifted the heavy suitcase.  Then they changed their mind.  So I unpacked.  Then they said they'd move us.  So I packed up again. Turns out they had no rooms left so I had to yet again unpack.

This caused me to start bleeding the next morning.  How nice to develop back and pelvic pain then start bleeding because of it.  Thank you Endometriosis for putting a damper on my vacation.  Just when I thought it was safe to have some fun and live a normal life..SMACK in the face pain.

Ocean Side.  Just thought it was a neat picture.  We didn't eat at Sharkeys.  We did eat at the Galaway Pub. J bought me another bead at the gift shop at Galaway Pub.

J was feeding the seagulls.  We kept saltines in the car, a left over from our clam chowder soup.

That's all I have to share for today.  Tomorrow is my WTF appointment and an appointment with my PCM.  Hopefully someone will decide to run some tests on me to find out why I keep losing the embryos.  Maybe I'll get a few answers tomorrow.

Oh and I'll share more news when I get it.  Looks like I'll be taking a break for about 8 months from TTC.  I'll explain why later.


  1. Nice pics - thanks for sharing. I love collecting rocks too!

    Good luck with your WTF tomorrow. Hopefully they will do the testing and answer your questions to your satisfaction.

    Um, your last sentence is quite the cliffhanger. Hoping to hear more soon.

    1. I wish I could explain exactly why the stuff but due to OPSEC I can't.

  2. The picture of the sand is gorgeous. You did get me very curious about the last sentence...

  3. More gorgeous pics! I really hope they run tests on you today and you finally get some answers!


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