Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Repairs to the Rental

J and I live in on post housing, which is a rental.  If something breaks down in the home, or with the appliances issued to us for the home like the stove and fridge we call in a repair.

Yesterday as I was doing laundry with my own washer and dryer, they don't issue us those appliances at this installation, I noticed how wet the floor was underfoot.  Immediately I checked the washer connections.  My connections were fine.  However, the cold water spigot wasn't fine.  It was leaking at the nut.  Great! 

I turned off the cold side and called in the repair.  J came home at lunch and moved the dryer out of position so that the repair crew whenever they would show up would have room to maneuver.

Here are some photos of what I found.
 As you can see the tile is heaving up.  It is soaked too.
Cold water side leaking at shut off valve.

Now for the photos of what was there after the crew arrived and got to work.

Doug rammed the dampness tested into the base boarding and through the wet Sheetrock.  Look how wet the baseboard is! 
Repair really isn't that huge.  Or I hope it isn't.  But this is going to take a few days.  First it has to dry out.
So they left us with a dehumidifier and a blower to dry the wall out.  Hopefully it will be dry enough today to have them removed.  I was told I can still do my laundry of which I might had to do some tonight.  They did replace the valve that was broken. 

They will call me to set up an appointment to do the drywall and painting.  They'll either have to replace the tiles they said or re-glue them down.  These tiles get really brittle so I don't know if they can be saved.  I'm just glad the water didn't get into my dryer and electrocute me while I was using it.  Not like they really seemed all that interested in what their water leaking might have done for damage to my appliances mind you.

So today, the day I normally make cookies for the soldiers at the COF, well it won't be happening not with my kitchen being a walk way galley style to the utility room and all this mess there.  I'd rather not have debris end up in the dessert.

I may need to buy one of these when I PCS to the next place.


  1. Oh no! We had an issue like that in our first house on post at Bragg. The water line to the fridge broke and flooded my whole kitchen while I was at the store, it was awful. I hope all the repairs get done quickly.

    1. I hope so too since we are supposed to go on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter retreat this weekend. I'd rather not have a mess to still get fixed when we get back.

  2. Ick, that kind of thing is never fun! I hope it's fixed quickly!

  3. Yikes! Hopefully it'll be cleared up in no time.

  4. Ugh...home repairs are the worst. Hope it dries up and you don't have a mess to deal with when you get back from the weekend.


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