Monday, April 8, 2013


This weekend my husband and I took our marriage to the next level.  We took a forty-four hour class on marriage through Worldwide Marriage Encounter.

I have to say that my spouse, the guy that doesn't like to open up and share his feelings, actually learned to share his feelings this weekend.  I was surprised, excited and quite a bit nervous by what this weekend would do to our marriage.  So far, so good.

I'm exhausted.  We would get up at 0430 hrs, get ourselves prepared for the 0730 class or in the case of the first morning Mass. 

Friday night we had classes right after check-in.  Confessions started at 2230 hrs.  Luckily I was the first person to sign up for confession.  Still opening up to the priest, I've been a latent Catholic for the past ten years, left me in tears.  No the priest didn't make me cry.  I cried because I unburned myself to him and God.  With all the infertility issues I've been dealing with it was just so nice to put my problems in the hands of God.  Let Him worry about me for a while.  I'm doing all I can to create children.

Saturday morning we had Mass at 0730 hrs.  J isn't a Catholic so he was able to get a blessing only.

Next was breakfast and directly after was our first morning session.  We broke for writing times and would meet up with our spouses to dialogue.  Talking and sharing our feelings.  So many times we just don't seem to have that time with his Army life.  We were forced to find that time for one another this weekend.  It was magical.  It was hard.  It was enlightening.

Saturday night the last session ended a few minutes shy of 2200 hrs.  Long day.  Sunday would also be a long day but thankfully our hotel allowed us a 1600 hrs check-out time for our group.

Our Sunday session opened with group, then mass.

As a group we renewed our vows and had God's blessing on our marriage.  I'm tearing up now thinking about just how special that moment was when I looked into my husband's eyes and realized how much we'd gone through just to get to this point and yes I'd still want him as my husband until death will part us.

Pardon me while I go get a tissue to mop up my face.  BRB

Now for those of you that aren't Catholic don't be put off by this encounter group.  It isn't just for Catholics.  We had one Wiccan there, a bunch of other protestant denominations too.  Besides that if you go to the link above you'll see that they host this world-wide and for various religions too.  I urge you, my readers, that if you are having troubles communicating with your spouse to try out one of these weekends.  You'll be surprised how much you'll get out of the weekend.  Everyone has a different experience.

They do ask for a donation at the end of the encounter weekend.  You give what you can afford and those funds will be put towards another couple being able to go on a weekend experience.  Your weekend has already been paid for by the non-profit organization.


  1. I think it's great that you went to this. :) Always helpful.

    1. At the same time as our marriage retreat, two other marriage retreats were at the hotel. One was through the navy and marines called C.R.E.D.O

  2. I think it's great that you went, and it sounds awesome.

    1. It was just what we needed to get J to open up.

  3. It is so wonderful to read about spouses who are committed to making it work. So happy for you!

    1. It is so nice to be reminded to just let go and let God take over the hard parts of my life. Just trusting in Him and His plans.


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