Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Rash

Every darn Spring I break out in a rash on the back of my hands.  Sometimes it spreads to the inside of my forearms too.  Itchy and annoying I've yet to figure out what exactly is triggering it. 

It isn't the typical red blotchy mess but skin toned and very fine bumps too. 

Just called my nurse at PNW and asked if I could use the OTC cortisone cream on it I usually use.  She'll ask my doctor and get back to me with an email later.

Seriously it looks like I've been petting a dog.  I break out from dogs the same way.  Just the very reason why I can't have a dog.  When I do interact with dogs I have to wash my hands as soon as possible after petting one.

I'm good about not scratching.  I've learned that it will just get worse.

I should have known I'd get the rash as I woke up Monday morning with my face so swollen from allergies my eyes no longer had the normal indents below them.  Oh wait those are cheek bones.  Yes it was that bad.  I decided to photograph my face too.  Anytime my allergies get out of hand I document the physical symptoms of them if possible because I forget easily, or at least try to forget, the crappy effect it had on me.

My face is back to normal as of Tuesday but the rash on my hands has spread to just under my watch band.    While it could be a side effect of the Lupron I have my doubts.  Though rash is listed under side effects.

I've also been sneezing my head off.  Just another reason I think it is my allergies.

J has CQ duty today.  The boneheads decided to post the CQ roster only at the barracks.  Since J doesn't live at the barracks he doesn't think to check there for it since they used to post it at the COF until this month.  Luckily a co-worker called him yesterday to inform him that he was on the list for today.  Hopefully he won't have it again this month but who knows.

So I'll be entertaining myself with movies tonight.  I'll have to remember to not have junk food too.  Yesterday I started my exercise routine.  Hopefully I'll remember to continue it and remind myself to stay away from unhealthy foods.


  1. I get the same rash and it drives me crazy!

  2. Sorry about the rash :( I feel ya on that. I've been battling my winter rash, and now some other rash on my face. It's hard when you have sensitive skin like that and allergies too. Hoping you can get some cream and get it taken care of!

    1. I get the winter one when my skin gets chaffed from doing wet work like dishes or trodding through the snow and my pants legs get wet then rub my calves.

  3. I'm sorry about the rash. I hope it clears up soon! I get rashes, too, but I know mine are caused by the pine pollen that settles on everything in the spring.

    1. I have tree allergies too. I never did think about the tree pollen causing the rash. Hmmm....I know the pollen gets all over everything else so why not me and create a rash too...interesting!


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