Friday, September 27, 2013

CD 1 The FET is on!

Today is CD 1 and I started my birth control.  Yes that very pack of birth control that I had to explain in detail to Dr. Gillard was necessary to get me pregnant.    I still think she needs to go back to med school.

I've been cramping with bend over moaning pains off and on for two days before I started to bleed.  I already know this cycle is going to horrible.  With any luck I'll look back on the beginning of this and say it was all worth it as I go through every known emotion over the next few months.

I reminded my husband last night that the Alora patches make me very cranky the night before a new patch is applied.  I found out why when read all about the side effects online.  I really wish I could have gotten pregnant an easier way.  Must remind myself daily this is all worth it.

I'm eager, I'm excited, I'm elated!  Thank you God for gifting me this chance.


  1. Sending you lots of good thoughts, this is going to work!!!! :)

  2. Sorry for the awful cramps, bleh. But glad that things are underway! Definitely exciting :)

  3. Wooot!! Everything crossed for you!!

  4. YAY!!! So glad it's on! Excited for you!


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