Friday, September 20, 2013

Want vs. Need

Well I've complained often enough about needing a second vehicle.  Do I need one?  Yes.  But all I can find is gas guzzlers in the price range I can afford.

Last night J and I went and looked at an 88 F150 long bed short cab.  Price was good but the style wasn't.  We almost purchased it.  I'm still leaving it up to him.  Do we need a long bed pickup?  Um, no.  Would he have enough room in the cab for his daily stuff?  Um, no.

Seems like a simple enough decision right?  Well it isn't my decision to make.  However, after reading an email I got today I'm not at all sure I'll be wanting to let him make that decision alone.

Government Shutdown is looming.  Before most of you say it won't happen I'd like to point out the fact that we are in a sequester right now.  The government has been cutting our military to the bare bones too with no new equipment and a skeletal crew to police the nation and world.  Come now, we know that our military is now becoming the world's police force and I'm not going to mince words about how that pisses me off.

What a shut down means is said well in the quote from the article: "Servicemembers, meanwhile, were told they would stay on the job, serving a country that temporarily would not be paying them. But officials said troops and civilians alike would eventually receive all back pay.".  Oh and don't think they won't do it.  This administration is adamant about getting what they want at any cost to its people.

Their "eventually receive all back pay" is similar to their get a government credit card and put all your moving expenses on it and we'll eventually pay you back but you are still responsible for all charges and interest rates and it might ruin your credit rating while we get around to paying you back for the move.  Yes, again I'm miffed that they have been trying to force a government credit card on my husband.  We don't need it thank you very much.  I'd rather lay out all the expenses first and know they are paid for without having to worry about how it is going to get paid back and when they finally do cut us a check I can invest it rather than pay late charges that aren't covered.

So right now that need of a second vehicle has turned into a want and I can't justify the want.  It will have to wait.


  1. Want vs need - sometimes such a tricky question with such a fine line...

    Happy ICLW

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  2. It's really so very, VERY wrong how military members are treated in our country. I'm with you about being the world's police.

    Hoping that the worst doesn't happen, for your sakes.

    here via ICLW

  3. Happy ICLW!

    Want vs Need is so hard its a balancing act that I know very well. Praying that the Gov't works through this so there is no shut down. Its sad to imagine a world where its okay to not pay our troops for all they do for us. Im so sorry its coming to this and you guys are even remotely in that kind of position.

  4. Visiting from ICLW. Bravo to you for the path you and your husband have chosen. It's such a sacrifice. Thank you.

  5. The potential Oct 1 shutdown was in many of the conversations we had over the weekend. Hoping that both parties can find a way to work together to avoid this!!!!

  6. Hi! I'm visiting from ICLW. I feel like I've been living under a rock since I became a SAHM this year. I'm asleep by the time I can watch the nightly news, so I am ashamed to say I had no idea there was a potential gov't shutdown. I hope it doesn't happen, but I agree, it's totally possible.

    Ugh, but this makes me so mad. Service members should NOT be the ones who don't get paid. It's wrong. So very wrong.

    Thank you so much for all that you and your husband do!


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