Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Saddened By the Navy Yard Shooting

I'm just going to ask, "why?".  Why did this happen?   Why didn't security stop Alexis?


  1. Agreed. Lots of whys. Sending some love and prayer!

  2. It is very sad. My husband works as a DOD employee for NUWC which is where Alexis was in August. They are now saying that he worked on equipment at my husband's place of work. After work he checked in and out of multiple hotels saying he was being spied on hearing voices etc. He ended up calling the police who filed a report and also let his employer know of his strange behavior. Since his clearance was not taken away he was able to get into the Navy yard. I feel sad for all of those families affected. Mental illness is such a serious problem in our country. Unfortunately though many people are unwilling to get help. Also some want help, but can not find help. There is a huge shortage of mental illness workers. My oldest has ADHD and it was so difficult to find someone to see him. Most places in my area had a 1-2 year wait for him to be evaluated. Some places could not tell me how long the wait was. Finally I found someone who works with kids but she is only a developmental ped.. Finding a psychologist who works with kids was next to impossible. Look at the Newtown shooting again very close to me. Another person with mental illness.
    Sorry for the long rant...Just so very sad.


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