Friday, September 6, 2013

Saline Infusion Sonogram #3

Yesterday I had my third and hopefully final saline infusion sonogram.  My husband wasn't able to make the appointment so my friend KK was willing and able to come along.  I even had here in the exam room.  She's been through some of the worst with being an infertile herself.

The results of the blood work and SIS are as follows:

  • Uterus looks great, there was some fluid still in it but I was still bleeding and some was the saline too
  • 5 cm cyst on the left ovary
  • TSH 3.19, they want to see 2.5 or below so we will re-test in a week with more in-depth testing
  • Prolactin 10.39, below 25 is good so I'm normal
  • HgA1c was 4.9 that was also normal
Now I just need to start birth control at the beginning of my next cycle and hope the cyst resolves or explodes of which I've had happen quite a few times with my cysts.  My nurse at PNW wants another suppression scan done before I start the Lupron to make sure the cyst has resolved.  I want it done too as I know darn well hormones don't always work to shrink my cysts, case in point last year when I ended up having surgery to remove them and found the endometriosis.

Soon I'll be set to go on this DE IVF (donor egg invitro fertilization)cycle, or rather a FET (frozen embryo transfer).  Hopefully today billing will get back to me so I can pay for this cycle.  I left a message letting them know I wanted to pay for the cycle in full.

Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.

In a bit of unrelated good news.  J, my husband, gets promoted today!  I'll be attending his very wet promotion ceremony that they'll be holding outside.  Hey it is Washington State, wet is normal here.


  1. Glad the SIS went well! That is a wonderful friend you have there to be by your side! Congrats to the hubby as well! Sending a prayer for this upcoming cycle!!

  2. Hoping the cysts resolves, and you get the TSH level sorted out. My TSH hovers around 2.5-5 so I have to take a low dose of Synthroid myself.

    Yay for J being promoted!

  3. All the best! Hope the cyst resolves and you can go ahead with the cycle as planned. Congrats to J.

  4. That sounds good! Congrats to your husband! Good luck with this cycle!!

  5. Congrats to your husband!

    I'm glad the SIS went well. I hope the cyst goes away and this cycle is the one that works for you.


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