Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Follow Ups on the Agenda

Yesterday I heard back from PNW.  Dr. H. is putting me on  25 mcg of synthroid. I've been on both synthroid and armour thyroid before, at different times of course.  If the meds are in the system I'll have them by the end of today.  Remember I'm dealing with a clinic outside of the Army and the Army clinic still needs to put their approval on the care plan as they are the ones that will be seeing me the most.  I also have birth control that will be picked up today for the next cycle start which hopefully will be in the next two weeks.

I will have a follow up while on birth control to check to see if the 5 cm ovarian cyst has shrunk.  I need to have it gone before I start the Lupron.  Early this morning I was in such pain that it either is growing or it ruptured.  I was whimpering.  I'm hoping it ruptured.

This morning I had a call back from my PCM about my referral to the ENT clinic.  I'm supposed to be seen every year for my Meniere's Disease and thryoid.  It has been 1.75 years since I was last seen.  I'm overdue.  Referrals are good for only 6 months and I would have had of gotten a new one any way.  The reason for the delay in seeing my ENT is kind of obvious with the baby making being a higher priority on the agenda.  Also I didn't need another thyroid ultrasound for two years from the last appointment which was Jan 2012 unless my thyroid levels starting going wonky of which they have now twice this year.  Hoping the cysts on my thyroid haven't grown.  Tomorrow I'll get to call the ENT and see if my referral went through or not.  The ENT clinic told me to call them back on Wednesday so they could push it through as they know I need to be seen.

The bathroom sink is fixed again.  It took a hacksaw to get the pipe off but the repair guy fixed the problem, I hope.

Last night I consoled a long time friend, over 30 years, who is going through a rough divorce.  This guy doesn't often cry, heck I can't ever remember him crying, but last night he did.  I feel bad for him and I do understand what it is like to have your heart ripped out and stomped on.

J is enjoying his new rank.  He was pinned, by me and the First Sergeant, on Friday last week.  Well boarded is more like it since it was done in his dress uniform and I got to put on his new boards.  He is already back at the books studying for the next promotion board.  You'll just have to trust me that he looked great in his uniform as I don't have his permission to post the photos, as of yet, on here.  But they are on my FB if you want to go see them there.


  1. Congrats to your Husband on his promotion. whenever you have a lot of things going on and it seems like everything is hard, there's always some light at the end of the tunnel. I hope the cyst has went down and i'm also hoping that it's not causing you a ton of pain because i've heard that they can be painful. Wishing you the best!

  2. Congrats to him! And I hope the cyst has gone!


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