Monday, September 9, 2013

Crazy Day

Today I finally noticed that I had messages on my home phone from Friday!  I've been quite busy this weekend.

Seems that PNW left two messages about my thyroid levels.  At first they thought I went and had the blood work for this week done on Friday.  Nope.  Turns out my local clinic decided to mess with me and do the blood work from my leftover blood from last week.  Nice huh!  Way to go and mess up the follow up results.  PNW wanted a follow up to see if the numbers had changed not a thorough going over of the blood that was already taken!

Today I had to call in a repair to the bathroom sink and pest control.  I have five spider bites on me.  Time to get the outside of the house sprayed again.

I had to call for a referral renewal for a check up on my thyroid cysts, audiology and Meniere's Disease since I'm due for an ENT visit.  Of course when I call my PCM the system hangs up on me.

I also had to follow up on a bill I received in the mail on Friday as to why I'm being billed by the dentist for something that should have been covered.  I called the dentist and they will resubmit the bill as they don't know why it wasn't covered either.

I get a request in my Etsy inbox for 5 pairs of booties.  Oh crap!  I want the order but my carpal tunnel is majorly painful right now.  I email back the potential buyer and tell her that I could do the order if she is willing to work with me and the time I'll need to make the booties.  Then I realize why didn't she buy the three pairs I had in the shop in three of the colors she wanted and in the sizes listed?  So I email her back and let her know I have three pairs on hand already and will reserve them for her.  I can make two pairs within a week if she is patient with my pain.  It is now up to her.  I will have to go out and buy some yarn in one of the colors that she wants but I'll do it.  Not that big of a deal.  Mind you I don't charge very much for the booties and I don't figure in the labor to make them when I price them.  I realize baby clothes are expensive and I want to give folks a good deal on what they buy from my shop.

This is my day so far!  Let's hope that it slows down a bit and I can put my bathroom back together soon.


  1. Wow, lots going on! I'm sorry to hear your pain levels are still high. Yuck.


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