Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CD 17

Every morning I get up and do an OPK.  Every morning it still shows negative.  However, I do have the egg white cervical mucus.  No clue why if the LH surge has yet to be.  Still we are BDing every other day.  Yes, even though I do still have a 5 cm ovarian cyst on the right side. 

The pain is there.  There is also now more pain on the left side.  Maybe I'm getting ready to ovulate?  Maybe I'm developing another cyst?

This morning there was some blood in the egg white cervical mucus.  Implantation bleeding?  Probably not.  Most likely something is screwy going on inside of me.  We all know with my age and rotten eggs the chance of me getting pregnant is slim.  I have a higher chance of getting a second ovarian cyst.

On a different note:
I'm way behind on my kirigami because I've been getting stuff ready for my Etsy shop when I open it next month.  Every day I've been creating a new item to put into the shop for sale.  I'll be using the proceeds from the sale to cover all those glorious medical bills from infertility that aren't covered by the insurance.  I doubt I'll be able to make enough to cover donor eggs but I'd like to give it a shot.

Today I felt froggy enough to dye my hair.  I figured it was time as its been a month.  I wonder, if I get pregnant, if I'll be allowed to dye my hair throughout the pregnancy.  I've been slowly going grey since I was 16.


  1. my CM always came before my LH surge... hang in there. Thinking of you x

  2. I recently happened to read about dyeing hair when pregnant - some day its okay, some say not. I don't need to do mine (good genes from my Dad's side) so its not something I have researched much, but I did see that question posed on some site online.

    I really hope you can move on to DE soon.


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