Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lack Of Bees and Pet Peeves

This year my tomatoes aren't doing all that well.  The flowers open up and wither away.  Why?


I've only seen a few bees around the garden.  I have but a few tomatoes on the two plants.

So when I saw a pest control truck pull up across the street I almost freaked out.  My neighbor is having her nest ripped out and chemicals sprayed.    I'm so sad.  Yes, I know she could quite possibly be allergic to them but more often than not we humans are idiots.  We don't wait until the end of the season to remove bee nests.  WE RIP THEM OUT in peak season.

I'm miffed.

Okay the neighbor doesn't take care of their lawn either.  Leaves their trash cans out for days after the pick up.   Why don't they try to bring up the neighborhood rather than drag it down.

Yes, its a pet peeve of mine.  If you want to live in the slums then move off post.  I don't want your junker cars that leak fluids parked up on blocks on my street.  Its against the rules here.  Oh and who cares?!  No one but me I swear.  I've called housing and they just don't do their job.  I've still not seen a single person come out to check on the vacant house next to me.  I guess housing just likes to sit on their butts and collect their pay and our rent checks!  Dammit I wish the Army had kept their own housing.

Yes the Army did take better care of their own properties.  They sold the housing to Equity but kept the land.  We pay out the butt for rent and get very little back.  I miss the days of the family housing taken care of by the Army and the families actually caring about their rentals.


  1. As I was reading your post I was surprised that the Army does not have immaculate housing and strict rules. But then I read it is managed by a private co - figures:-(

    My tomatoes did very poorly this year. Two plants, one got flower rot and the other only produced one tomato.

    1. The Army has rules that we are supposed to follow but rarely do they seem to be enforced when it comes to housing.

      I think that I read somewhere that bees are in declining numbers across the US. Makes you wonder what we did to kill off so many of them.

  2. Can you get a beehive? We have two!

    1. No, but I wish we were allowed to have one.

  3. Bees scare the beejeesuz out of me... but A and I are both allergic, and I imagine V will be too. I remember when I stepped on one once and my foot tripled in size and I was unable to wear a shoe for like a month. If I had a nest in my yard, I hate to say this but I would get rid of it pronto because I'd be so terrified of leaving my own house.

    She might be allergic, she might not. I can almost guarantee you that she probably hasn't considered how removing them might affect the environment. I wouldn't have even considered that :(

    I hope that your plants do well despite.

    I understand the anxiety over your neighbors though. It can be frustrating.

    1. Oh I ended up chatting with the neighbor yesterday. I found out some interesting things like she has endometriosis, just miscarried her third baby in July, and has fibromyalgia like me too. But she is not allergic to bees. No I didn't yell at her. I'm always willing to give people the benefit of doubt, though in private I reserve the right to complain about them.


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