Friday, August 10, 2012

Dental Check Up

This is the very post card I received from my dentist reminding me to schedule my cleaning.  Today I'm off to see my dentist.  I swear its about the only thing I usually get a good check up in.  I'm hoping that none of my fillings are cracked.  I still have a couple of old ones that could possible have to get removed.

Not looking forward to the cleaning.  My teeth are sensitive and they always hurt after I get my check up.  Worse is that though its CD6 I'm still bleeding (its finally getting to flood gate stage) so my gums are sure to be really sensitive too.

Well I'll find out the damage in a few hours.  I do floss daily and brush twice daily and I use a mouthwash recommended by the dentist.  What more can I do?  Well I could eat less sugar I guess but we all have a vice or two.

So if I get a good check up should I expect a kitten as a reward from the dentist or a cheap toothbrush?  I'd rather get the kitten because I don't use their toothbrushes; I have a sonicare that I use.


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    1. It did go well. About to blog about it today and other general life crap.


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