Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Slow Start

J and I have dog duty today but I'll get to that in a few.  First I'll tell you how the dental appointment went yesterday.

I arrived early like I usually do.  I had several xrays done, then one more because my insurance won't pre approve squat and needs a special xray for one thing.  UGH!  I think I'm glowing in the dark now...thanks insurance.

I have no cavities.

I have two old silver fillings that are cracked badly. They were installed when I lived overseas so they truly are old...over 12 years old.  Considering that I have bruxism and just started using a night guard earlier this year is it any wonder the old fillings are cracked and missing pieces?

My former dentist on the East Coast would have gotten a dressing down by the dentist here if she had been present.  Dr.S. doesn't like how Dr.C. did my teeth.  Dr.C. didn't seal my two crowns.  Dr.C. didn't rebuild my 8 year old molar properly either according to Dr.S.  "I'm not impressed", she said.  She also commented that the Indian dentists she knows are usually top students.

So okay I have more dental work in the future.  But Dr.S. noted right off that she could tell that I do floss.  Yay me!

My bestie S is out for a while today to celebrate her youngest child's birthday.  I was invited.  I'm not going.  I'm bleeding so heavily that at times I'm dizzy.  She isn't understanding.  I'm looking normal and she thinks that she understands but yet begs me to come along.  Really folks I know that most people are not going to understand endometriosis.  J and I agreed to go over to her house and water and walk her dogs.  I'll water, J can walk them.  I can't handle walking them as they are larger dogs.  They pull and jump on me too.  I'll wear old clothes.  I'm doing this not for S but for the dogs.  I can't see leaving them all day long in the crates.  S means well by them at least.

I still need to get S's youngest a gift.  I still need to get J a gift too.  His birthday is coming up quick.  This means I'll have to suck it up today and go shopping.  Fun times today....NOT!

This is me signing off of the whine train.  I'll make the best of today even if I have to wear a diaper to do so.


  1. Yay for no cavities! But it always sucks having to get dental work redone. I hate the dentist!

  2. Glad you didn't have any cavities, but sorry you have to get lots of other work done. I hope you are feeling better.


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