Friday, August 3, 2012

New Charges and Old Beef

Okay so today I'm still feeling not so hot.  Or perhaps I should say not so cool as the temps, including my own body temp are rising.  I'm coughing up thick yellow crap and blowing out green.  Breathing is fun at times.  I need to ride this out, been there, done that crap before.  Yes this blog is about crap since I'm feeling like crap.

Today's mail yielded up more crap.  Two credit card offers for my spouse, a postcard reminder for my one kill a tree pleasure magazine subscription and a notice from our landlord.  Our landlord is Equity.  Yes the ones that purchased our housing from the military years ago.  I detest our landlord.  We now pay for any overages of the average neighborhood usage per month for gas and electric.  Thankfully I've been getting refunds most months.  Now the latest beef of mine...trash.

We are now going to be charged for our trash pick up if its over the limit.  I put out the cans every two weeks on the recycling days.  My recycling can is usually half full and the trash can about a quarter full which isn't too bad considering there are only two of us and this is me putting it out every two weeks. 

"The only charge you may incur is if you choose to go over your average consumption for trash services.  WE are really striving for everyone to recycle as much as possible and help Lewis-McChord Communities and JBLM achieve "net zero" waste."

So does this mean they are going to weigh my trash?  Does this mean they are finally going to allow us to put glass into the recycling bins rather than truck it down to the recycling center ourselves?  Probably not.  I'm guessing it will be a can count and I doubt I'll be getting a refund check for my less trash consumption.

We compost.  We shred our mailing.  We recycle what we can into upcycled projects.

I'm going to most likely, after my spouse reads the letter, recycle the letter into scrap paper which will then become something else including possible compost last.  Or maybe I'll use it to light the copper kettle fire pit to roast marshmallows when its use as scrap paper is finished.

I'm wondering if this is part of the budget cuts.  I think the government has cut back on the benefits to the soldiers enough already.  

Enough of this crap already.  I'm tired of giving until I've given up what I should be entitled to in order to cut corners.  No pay raises, cut benefits, PCM that cut corners making it so that I can't get proper medical care, rising food costs and gas prices.  Someone needs to be voted out of office before I have to cut holes in my pockets to replace the fiber I used to be able to afford in my diet.

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  1. I hope you feel better soon! That sucks about your trash situation!


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