Thursday, August 16, 2012

Off On A Religious Tangent

Last night before bed I read The Heart of the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  Rather interesting book.  I've only glanced at it before and read a few pages.  Even after taking my melatonin last night I was restless.  Always wanting to improve my relationship with my husband I read the book.

Now because I read the book and there were some passages quoted from the Bible I ended up having thoughts this morning that ran off in entirely different direction than what I was hoping to keep focused on.  Thanks Fibromyalgia.

So I will pose what will most likely be a long and complex question to my readers with lots of sub questions making a whole mess of what I really wanted to ask in the first place since we know my mind rambles here and there.  Here goes nothing.

Since Jesus was the son of G*d, and born a Hebrew how did the Christian offset become?  Oh and since he was born of G*d does that mean that when the angel Gabriel came down from Heaven with "The Blessing" from G*d does that mean that she was artificially inseminated like an IUI or perhaps an IVF if the whole embryo was implanted and it wasn't created within her?  Oh and would this make all IVF and IUI babies divine by G*d's creation of his son?  So since Jesus was born to Jews, back to the main question, why didn't his own people, "the chosen ones", deem him to be the prophet that they were waiting for and follow him?  Why did they in fact chose to betray him sending him to his death?  Judge not lest ye be judged and all that stuff.

Well with all that said I hope someone has some clues for me or answers.

I've decided to wait until at least 1 Sept to open my Etsy shop.  I have a lot of planning to do in the background including making more merchandise, taking photos, construction of the light box and setting up accounts for monies received before I have it ready to open.  I plan on using the proceeds to help pay off any and all debts I've incurred for the treatments to get pregnant.  As in pay back to my savings for my retirement.  J thinks this is a splendid idea and fully supports my venture into the business world once again.  He used to be my errand boy.  Yes, I had him bring all the parcels to the post office for me on his way to and from work.  Maybe I'll get him to make some chainmaille jewelry for the shop too.  He makes some really beautiful creations.

Oh and still AF is here!  Ugh!  What did I start with that?  Yikes!


  1. All valid questions and good points! I have many unanswered questions myself! Looking forward to checking out your Etsy shop!

    1. I'm surprised I even got one comment on this blog post. Lol, most folks avoid the topic of religion like a plague.

      I was taking photos of my stuff yesterday for the Etsy shop. I have more to take and a lot of description writing to do.


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