Monday, August 13, 2012

Working On Things

Well that is the finished banner above.  I've been asked I don't know how many times why those names.  Well it goes together nicely the 3 D's.  J always liked the name Daren and as a kid I loved the show Wonder Woman thus the Diana. 

Yes I've been crafting since I was a kid.  I learned to sew at age 4.  I did my first needlepoint at age 6 according to what my mom wrote on the cardboard backing to the item she framed.  She was very proud of me.  By age 11 I had earned most of the Girl Scout badges in the handbook.  Over achiever.  So now what do I do with the skills that I've learned?  Not much.

In my shop there is presently nothing listed.  If you go to the site you'll see by looking around what I used to sell under the 162 sales.  I had it open for about 1.75 years when I closed it.   I was preparing to move to Korea of which never happened.  I closed it too soon.  I ended up moving to WA instead about 8 months after I closed the shop.

Now for other matters.

Its still going.  I've been eating quick carb, salt, sugar foods to keep my energy up.  Thus I've put on 2.5 pounds.  One cannot eat macaroni and cheese boxed food without paying the consequences if one is sodium sensitive.  I feel like a puff ball.

I haven't called my doctor yet today.  As a matter of fact I haven't even been awake for but an hour as I type this.  I've been sleeping a lot from the fatigue.  I do have some hope that the bleeding will soon slow down as the rate of passing clots has slowed to twice an hour rather than every 15 minutes.

Its Monday so my spouse is back at work and its not like I'm going to go walk over for an appointment.  His workplace is sick of him asking for time to go drive me to appointments.  They got fed up with it in June when I had the surgery.  So if I can't walk to the appointment its not going to happen.  This is the Army we are talking about.  They don't pay enough for an enlisted soldier to keep and maintain two vehicles.  They don't want you to have family.  I've said before the old saying, "if they wanted you to have a family they would have issued you one.".  Its true.

So with that said I will call the RE office and let them know what is going on.  I will also tell them what I am doing to take care of said matter.

I'll work it all out soon.  Still no word from the frozen donor egg clinic.  I have emailed them no less than three times.  Nothing in my email or spam folder from them.  Maybe they don't like my email address?  I'll have J try to email them from his official email account since mine has to be re-certified.

My pelvis still hurts, pain still goes down the right thigh.  I was hoping that the cyst would have ruptured by now.  No such luck.


  1. *hugs* I'm glad you can use your shop as a distraction. And I'm sorry your husband's work isn't very understanding.

    1. Its so not understanding that I was given a referral for pain management for off post. This means I'd have to use the car. That isn't going to happen as they want him to have access to our only vehicle. The clinic they want to send me to is an hour drive away. I called up TriWest today and told them I can't see that person because I have to walk to my appts. They instructed on me on how to go about asking to have my referral out pulled. Today I begged Tricare to referral me within the hospital. They might listen this time. Then again they might not.

  2. Ugh...sorry to hear that you are still bleeding and you do not have the ability to visit the Dr. I hope they can give you some direction over the phone.

  3. How very frustrating all around :(

    I'll have to check your Etsy shop out once you get it running!

  4. Already favorited your shop! Cant wait to see what you put up. I hope you called your Dr and told them about all the bleeding!


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