Sunday, June 9, 2013

CD 17

Somewhere in the past week, most likely about 5-7 days ago since I ovulate early, I ovulated.

Last night I started in with a biting like pain in the area of my uterus.

Right now I hate my body.  I hate it because if I am having implantation I know it won't stick.  My eggs are old.  I had sex just for fun.  I wasn't taking all those supplements or medications I would normally take for a real cycle. 

So in about 12 days if I miss AF, which I highly doubt will happen as she always finds me sooner or later, I'll take a trip to the bathroom with a hpt.

Would I like for this to be really able to happen and get pregnant? You bet I would.

Am I that lucky?  Hell NO!


  1. Still hoping for you (*hugs*) But understand the feeling and mentality of being out before the horses even leave the starting gate.

  2. I wish I knew what the right words here were. I am hoping you are that lucky.


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