Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CD 26

Still not testing until next week.  Though my breasts do now hurt it could very well be PMS.  Yes, yes I know I had pink spotting last week which could very well be implantation bleeding.  But I'm not going there because if I do it is one slippery slope of pee sticks to the trash can of misery at this point.

I've lost two followers.  Most likely because I've announced that I'm on a break from TTC and have bored them to death with my pictures of the garden growing.  But other than my waistline I have nothing else growing that I know of yet.

Last night I cooked a fantastic dinner for my spouse.

I made bondage bird.
Yeah look at that bird dripping juices.  J loved what I made him for dinner last night.  As you can see the chicken is in bondage as well it makes for a juicer bird.

To accompany the chicken I made up a potato salad from scratch, including the dressing for it that had coffee flavored marscarpone cheese, mayo, dried mustard, vinegar and other herbs.  I also steamed some fresh picked green beans.

J is taking with him the left overs for his lunch.  Gee I hope he has enough food to eat today considering 2/3 of a chicken was left and that was a 5 pound bird to start with.  Must be so nice to weigh 147 pounds and still eat what ever you want!


  1. The chicken looks awesome!

    I've never made a whole bird before, I really ought to try it sometime :)

  2. 375 for 2 to 2.5 hours for the five pound bird above. I used 1/3 cup butter with rosemary, thyme, and marjoram melted together and poured over the top of the bird. Really easy.

  3. Sounds delicious too :) Will have try it! Thanks.

  4. Chicken looks great! My husband made something similar last Sunday. Delicious!

  5. Is that why I have so few readers (or at least commenters) these days? I guess you're bound to lose the infertiles when you're no longer on the cycle merry-go-round nor do you have any hope for a baby.

    1. I never figured I'd lose two in a week though. I thought maybe if I got lucky and got pregnant I might have a few drop off because they didn't want to follow a pregnant blogger but hey I still have a life beyond infertility.

  6. Oh, man! That potato salad sounds amazing!

  7. "But I'm not going there because if I do it is one slippery slope of pee sticks to the trash can of misery at this point" You write so well, and this one line is so very powerful.

    Those 2 people who stopped following you were not really following you then!

    I never cooked a whole bird before! I wanna try it, I think it would be awesome.

    I hate feminism! I feel that it is responsible for the whole lack of instruction in the art of home making for my generation!! The thing that I am doing right now is trying to learn to effectively batch cook

  8. Wow! That dinner looks amazing! And don't worry. I love gardening so I am looking forward to the pics! :)


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