Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CD 25 and I've Got Nothing

I'm not testing early because well, there is just nothing to test for.  No symptoms.  Not even spotting.  Think I might wait until next week to test if AF holds out that long.  No clue when the new cycle will start.

So here is a picture or two or more of my garden and how it looked yesterday before the pink larkspurs opened up.
Delphinium has started to open up.
Hollyhock is even taller than last week.  No clue when it is due to bloom.
Yarrow is now in bloom.  The white stuff.
Purple larkspurs have opened.  Pink ones are open today too.
Carnations in bloom next to my rhubarb.

The dahlias will hopefully open up later this week or maybe next week.  I'll take photos of them later on.  My garden needs some serious weeding too.


  1. UGH, I hate long cycles when your body decided to just do what it wants :(

  2. The longest I've ever gone without being pregnant is 100 days and that was last summer. Hoping that this won't be a repeat of last year.

  3. Lovely garden...ugh about the cycle.

  4. Everything looks so pretty! So sorry this cycle feels like a bust. Blech.


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