Friday, June 28, 2013

Finally Friday

Mom is still bleeding out from the surgery site.  I asked her today if they'll need to do a blood transfusion and she said it might come to that soon.  It is because of the fact that they put her on blood thinners of course.

My blood pressure has been dropping low of late.  Thinking of asking doctor if I can lower my dosage.  Last night my blood pressure was 111/57.  This morning it was 123/74 with a heart rate of 74 and irregular at 6 hours past taking my blood pressure medicine.  I'm also dizzy and really tired.

There have been several pregnancy announcements this month in the infertile blogging and military blogging community.  I'm very happy for all of them but of course sad because it wasn't that long ago I went through a FET and it failed.  I have the right to feel sad for me.  I'm going through the healing process again.  Hoping for a miracle.

My juicer should arrive sometime today and I'll pick up the grocery items for a cleanse on Sunday.

J has been working some really long days.  He school starts at 0550 hrs and he isn't home until 2030 the last few nights.  But I am glad he is home.  We are both looking forward to his graduation.

DPW for JBLM, D.K., called me this morning in response to my message I left him two days ago.  Seems as though his workers didn't post the message the way they should have to our doors.  And he said if it happens again he will have them bring round bottled water to the residents!  YAY!


  1. Hugs my friend, and as always praying for you.

    1. Thinking I need to avoid reading blogs for a while.

  2. Sorry your mom is still having issues with the knee. I really hope it clears up soon :(

    And I get needing space, or feeling down. You have every right to be, you've been through a lot and you (we all) had so much hope that the transfer (*HUGS*)

  3. Oh I am so glad that they realized their mistake!

    I am glad that J will be graduating soon and super glad that you are getting your juicer in! WE LOVE our juicer! I cant imagine NOT having ours now!

    I am glad that you are so honest with the way that you feel :D that is ok!

  4. It's always hard to see good news when you're still in the trenches. You are absolutely right that you have every right to be sad despite the good news. There's a reason happy-sad exists.

    Hope the juicer arrives soon and that the water is back on before that!

  5. Hope they come up with a fix for your meds! That doesn't sound fun. Great news that your husband will be graduating soon! Have fun with your juicer. I think that would be so great to have. Can't wait to hear how it goes. Thinking about you, dear. Pregnancy announcements are so hard to hear. <3


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