Thursday, June 27, 2013

Family Life Update

Right now my dad is in a nursing home while my mom is recovering from a knee replacement surgery that was done on Tuesday.  Mom will be going to a nursing home, hopefully this week, though not the same one as my dad.

I called both yesterday but neither answered.  I'm guessing they were at physical therapy.

Today I reached my mom.  She is on high doses of codeine and is having complications with the knee.  She has been bleeding out to the point she told me it looked like she had her period but only from her knee.  That isn't good.

If you would please, keep them both in your thoughts and prayers.

On the closer to home note since I'm on the west coast and my folks are on the east coast I'll give an update with the husband.

J is doing quite well in his classwork and on his exams.  Earlier this week while at WLC he got to speak face-to-face with the Sgt.Major of the Army.   Pretty cool.

With any luck, and lots of long days filled with hard work J will be graduating from WLC next month.  This week he is squad leader; it changes out each week.

I am as fat as ever.  Thank you bloating from PMS.  If I eat any less I'll be starving my body.  My juicer will hopefully be arriving on the 28th and I'll be able to get the necessary grocery items this Sunday to start juicing on Monday.  Until then I'm still doing yogurt, salads and lean meats and proteins in the hope that I'll lose some weight soon.

One more day of boiling water and filtering it.  The water purification results will be available tomorrow.  Equity still sucks for shutting it off and not supplying us with proper warning or a non-contaminated water source to drink from.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jen. Still can't reach my dad. It's been two days but I'm guessing Mom has been able to reach him which is good.

  2. Keeping your parents in my thoughts. What's going on with your mom sound hard :(

    Glad J is doing well at his classes!

    Hope the diet modifications help. I'm still right there with you.

    1. One would think with being off the hormones my weight would start to come back off...LOL Nope!

  3. Losing weight as a woman is so dang difficult!
    I sent a prayer out.
    Oh and good job for J

    1. Funny how I did so much better on losing weight while on the hormones. I had a reason and now I've lost my reason.

  4. Sending lots of healing thoughts to your family.

  5. Prayer for healing for both your parents!


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