Monday, June 17, 2013

Housing Inspection

For some reason our housing inspection wasn't done on the anniversary of our move-in date.  Every year in January we would have our housing inspected.  Not this year.

Housing inspection is today.  We were given a 48 hour notice on Friday.  I posted said orange notice to the white board on the fridge.  I told my husband that certain things would have to be moved out of the way. 

Did he move stuff?  Well, actually he did move the folding partition away from the hot water heater.  So I need to give him credit for that.

Did he move his things off of the top of the fridge?  No.

Did he move the empty box collection he has in the garage away from where they need to put a ladder to access the crawl space in the attic?  No.

So guess who after less than three hours of sleep got up at 0337 hrs with her spouse?  Me.

While he was getting his stuff ready for his second week of WLC (warrior leadership course) I was cursing at him for not helping out over the weekend.  Seriously he could have put away his newly purchased stash of muffins and donuts into his snack cabinet and not left them on the counter up tight to the fridge.

He should have put away his dog bowl too.  Yes, he has a dog bowl from which he eats from.  I bought him a special one, think Jacob Black from Twilight books, with the Army decals and his last name on the ceramic dish.  He brings it into work from time to time just to eat from it too.  He might be getting his dinner in it tonight!

On the gardening aspect of things: 
My hollyhock is now almost as tall as I am.
The delphinium out in the back garden is now in bloom.  I"ll have to take photos later today if I remember or am not comatose from lack of sleep.
The larkspurs are starting to open up and the dahlias now have buds on them.

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