Thursday, June 6, 2013

It Figures

I walk the mile to the hospital, I need exercise, only to get to the lab and be handed a pee cup.

Me: What is this for?

Clerk: U/A

Me: A U/A wasn't ordered for me, just blood work. 

Clerk: The blood work has to be done at the office.

The clerk then hands me the cup and tell me I can bring it back any time.  Then she hands me three other lab slips.  I go to a chair and look over what was ordered. Again this is blood work so I'm kind of scratching my head about the clerk's response.  The slips state:  ABO/RH, CBC, E2/P4.  Great the labs that were done last month at the ER weren't taken out of the computer.

I go back up to the desk.

Me:  Who ordered these labs and when were they ordered?

Clerk: Last month and by the doctors on the slips.

Me:  They must be the ER draws that were already done.  Is there anything else in there for me from this month, say this last week?

Clerk:  No.

I walked down to the Army RE office and chat with Chris, the male receptionist.  Chris is a nice guy.  His reaction to Juicing was, "don't do it.  It will make you fart a lot!".  LMAO

Chris goes into the back and gets the IVF nurse for me.  I go into the back with her and sit down.  She NEVER GOT THE REQUEST from PNW.  Great!  I told her what to look for and who to talk to up there.  She is best chatting with Jacqueline first as she can direct her to which nurse up there to talk with next.

I mentioned my dad's clotting disorder so that JF knows they ordered that blood work and the karoytyping for my husband as well.

If there is something wrong with J's karoytyping, I really hope not and that it was just a fluke, we'll eliminate donor eggs and move to donor embryos or adoption.  If I have a clotting factor issue that can be fixed easily enough and J is fine then we'll do donor eggs again.  If we are both wonky we'll just move on to adoption.

Update on the Kitty.  No clue what sex but it's fur is matted in places so I'm guessing it is an abandoned cat and not a feral.  Last night I got the front screen door open and was talking directly to the cat when the neighbors spooked the cat.  It came back later on and finished its food up.

Newest kitty photo with the light on in the breezeway.
It devoured the canned chicken and gravy cat food last night.  All my cats have always loved chicken.  


  1. Sorry to hear about the confusion with the lab slips, that is frustrating. Hoping they run the tests and you get some direction from the results.

    1. Supposedly I'll be getting a call from the Army RE office today letting me know the doctor ok'd the tests. One more hour til closing so I'm not going to hold my breath.

  2. Very frustrating indeed. Hoping that all of this can be squared away very quickly. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for good news on the karyotyping and that they find something that is easily treatable.

    And very glad that kitty is trusting you more. Hopefully, with time, he/she will let you bring him/her inside.

    1. Hoping to get the kitty into the house soon so I can find out if it is a male or female. If female if it is pregnant, is nursing, or what not.

      Wishing I'd get a call from the RE office today letting me know that the labs have now been ordered correctly.

  3. Oh goodness, stuff like this makes me angry!

    1. Jen, it is so sad but this has become run of the mill here. Want to know something even worse? This hospital is the standard of excellence example for the rest of the Army! LOL

  4. I'm so sorry you have to deal with so much run-around. It seems like you get that a lot. :(


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