Thursday, December 15, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

Over the weekend my husband and I traveled to his cousin's house for the White Elephant gift exchange.  Last year was the first year that I attended one and I found it to be a source of fun and much chaos.

This year it was a bit more controlled and not as much fun being so; however, the gifts were interesting to say the least.  We were handed gifts this year, unable to chose the packages from under the tree and with so many of us scattered about two levels it was quite impossible to see what wrapped packages were what size, shape and prettily wrapped or not.  I heard one gal next to me complain about it being just so.

Another near me complained about the thought and amount spent on the gifts this year not being as good as last year.  This year I spent more time choosing what I would donate for the gift exchange and made sure I got my money's worth from the items.  Due to the fact that we have several outlets near here I was able to get my hands on some discount bath products.  For just five dollars I was able to purchase hand cream, body wash and a poof from B,ath & B.ody w.orks.  Its quality stuff.  I made up two sets and wrapped them carefully.  I think I did well and the items got stolen in the game a few times.

What there is gift stealing?  Yup.  I unwrapped a rather large yellow duck.  At first I was amazed that they would even attempt to make a duck that size.  Then I thought about my grandmother-in-law that passed away a few years back. Every year she would help sell tickets for the annual duck race in upstate NY.  I had to keep that duck.  I even thought of it as a good sign when I got the duck because of Gramma J.  I was thinking how lovely the duck would look in my nursery some day.

Unfortunately my duck got stolen.  I almost cried.  I wanted to refuse the steal because I didn't care what the other person had, I wanted that duck.  Others around me had heard what I was going to do with my duck and assured me that I could purchase one for the nursery and where I could buy it.  Its not the same.  I don't want to have to buy my own duck.  I wanted that DUCK!  It was mine.  I didn't care about getting a third creamer because I had two already.  What in the world would I do with another piece of chalk-ware that I can't use?  The duck I wanted.  I wanted bad. 

I refuse to buy a duck now as I promised I wouldn't buy anything for the nursery until I was about 7 months along and safely pregnant.  Now the duck is gone.  Is this an omen?

If I ever get into that safe zone of pregnancy I hope someone remembers how badly I wanted that duck and  gifts me one.


  1. I've only did one of those exchanges before, it was interesting lol. Sorry you didn't get the duck :( I've seen them at our World Market, I had a good chuckle over it. I hope someone remembers and gets you on- I don't think it's a bad omen at all. If it is, maybe it just means that "the time isn't right" and another time, it will be? I really don't think it's an omen though (*hugs*)

  2. When you get pregnant I promise I will buy you the DUCK! I'm sorry it was stolen by those meanies! I am going to a party this weekend with a grab bag and I think there will be stealing too.


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