Monday, December 26, 2011

Staying In My Jammies For A Day

I'm tired.  Still sick.

Yesterday I managed to make a turkey meatloaf, green bean casserole in which I made the soup base by scratch too, baked potatoes and I opened up a can of cranberry sauce.  J appreciated the effort.  I did too because it meant since I was exhausted today I was able to eat some left overs at noon for my first meal of the day.

I stayed in bed for about 14 hours today.  I'm sick.  I know I already said that I'm sick.  There I said it again.

I woke up to no color in my lips, a back ache that just about made me cry and the shakes.  It wasn't 14 hours solid of sleep.  No that would be too much to hope for.  As per usual I'm up every two hours to pee, thanks Fibromyalgia.

Still cranky.  Haven't taken a bendadryl in about 9 hours but I probably should soon.  Even my ears hurt.

I have no real energy and even this blog post is draining me.  Tomorrow with any luck Tricare will able to get me a same day appointment so I can get something to fix this sinus infection.  If not I'll have to wait until after the 3rd of January for the next available opening.

I'm staying in my jammies today and I'll take my hot bath later before I head back to bed.  For now I'm not doing anything that requires much energy as I seem to have none to spare today.


  1. sounds like hell, hon. Hope you can get that same-day appointment and get some fix-it meds. well done on the food-making, you little goddess!

  2. You poor thing, so sorry to hear your are still so sick. Although you are a trooper and a very nice wife to have cooked a nice Chrismas meal for your hubby. I hope you can get looked at tomorrow, if not is there an urgent care you can go to? It would be terrble to have to suffer with all this crud for more days.

  3. I so hope you can get in tomorrow and start feeling better soon. I am glad you can relax and rest.


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