Monday, December 5, 2011

Decking The Halls

So far so good.  I talked J into purchasing icicle lights this year.  Just two sets of them and the front line of our house is defined by the beauty of tiny colored lights.

Sure I'm one of those folks that would like some more lights and maybe a few lawn ornaments with lights on them but I have to work with a budget and the realization of storage issues for the holiday decorations.  In other words I did not purchase the lighted reindeer lawn ornaments or  blow up snow globe.  Maybe some day I'll get my full Christmas gaudy look going but not this year.

The elves, namely me, have been busy in my living room making paper chains and snowflakes.  I'll soon get started on decorating the bedrooms and other rooms of the house with them too.

My front window is all set for the tree to be seen from the street and to occupy the living room with its glory.  Now if only I can get my husband to check all the light strands and assemble the tree I can get to decorating it.

Sure I don't really need him to check all the lights and assemble the tree for me as I've done it by myself when he was deployed but since he is home he might as well enjoy, hahahaha, the process with me as we struggle to get it just right.

Oh and please note the paper for the decorations is from recycled paper and it will again get recycle when we are done with its purpose this season.  I'm being a responsible decorator this year.


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