Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Annoyed With The Army

Dear President Obama,

I love my husband.  I love being an Army Wife.  But there are a lot of things I don't love about this life right now.

My husband just called me to inform me that OCS (officer candidate school) is no longer an option.  I'm pissed.  This has been his dream since he enlisted 4.5 years ago with his bachelor's degree.

When he was stationed in Korea he started his OCS packet.  That was 3.5 years ago.  The Army told him he had to wait a bit.  He didn't want to wait. 

After Korea he got stationed here.  He told his command that he wanted to go to OCS.  They said its not going to happen because of the upcoming deployment.  Again he had to wait.

He deploys and finds out that he can still get all the paperwork together while deployed.  He worked his butt off over in Iraq to get his physical and papers signed.  He gets home and is told he has to wait.  He waited as a good soldier ought to.

He waits.  His references expired.  So he got new references.  He was told again this summer to wait because of the next deployment.  He waited.

He then gets told that they are going to have a board in July before the mini deployment but that the folks at the board won't be ready for him.  He is told to wait until after the mini deployment is done.  He waits.

He gets back and tries to get his packet submitted yet again.  This time he is told that things are changing and there won't be another board this year.  He is told to wait until today for the seminar.  He waits. 

He goes to today's seminar.  He is now told he is too old.  They now have a cut off of 28 for OCS unless he was part of the reserve component.  He isn't reserves.  The Army killed his dream.

Is this how our Vets are being treated?  Why are their dreams being killed?

He listened to them and waited.  He did as he was told.  He went off to war.  He waited again as was told.  Now they are telling him its too late. OCS is the reason why my husband went into the Army to begin with.  He was given a promise that with his education the Army would be foolish to waste him on anything but being an officer.


(Oh and I so did email this to him at the White House.  I am angry.)


  1. SO WRONG! I'm furious for you!!!

  2. Oh, this is such total BS!! I'm so sorry for your husband. I don't suppose starting a petition would help?

  3. I'm sorry to hear that :( It sounds very frustrating, and devastating to work so hard for it and be denied like that.

  4. That is so not fair! Is there any way he can escalate this to a superior officer or review board or someone who knows that he was told to wait? Its really unfair if his whole future is now messed up because they decided to change the cut off age.

  5. I am so sorry. It's incredibly unfair that there should be any sort of age restriction.

  6. That is totally not fair!!! Like others said, Is there anyone he can talk to or any way to appeal the decision? I am glad you sent this to Obama!

  7. This does seem REALLY unfair. WTG for sending it!


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