Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finally I Get An Appointment

At 1400 hrs today I'll finally get in to see a doctor.  Or I hope its a doctor that I'll be seeing at my clinic.  It could very well be a physicians assistant or nurse practitioner.  Our clinic doesn't have that many doctors on staff as its too costly to have them there and it would mean that we would receive the best medical care available and we can't be having that now can we.

As I'm typing this my vision is a little messed up.  Its as though the screen is farther away than it should be.  Just another wonderful symptom is my guess.

Last night the sinus headache enveloped the whole left side of my head.  I just want this looked at and some medicine thrown at it before the next IVF is in full swing.

I called my REI nurse and she assured me that if I'm put on antibiotics it won't affect the drugs I'll be taking for IVF.  I was wondering about that since antibiotics affect birth control effectiveness I figured it was sane to ask her for advise on the matter.

So with any luck I'll get something to fix the congestion, I'm no longer producing green with the use of my neti pot, now its just blood I'm so congested.  I need something for the pain in the head too.  Something stronger than tylenol though I doubt they'll give me anything stronger.  Breathing is becoming complicated.  I can eat or breathe but not both.  Taking a deep breath is painful so I'm sticking with shallower breathing for now.  My lips and fingernails have been staying a lavender color, I'm guessing its because my oxygen supply isn't the best.

Remember though, my guesses don't count as I'm not a doctor and they will know better than me.  But my guess is that the sinus congestion is now moved towards my lungs and might be giving me a touch of bronchitis. 

Wish me luck on getting the proper treatment.


  1. Awww, so sorry you are suffering. Hope the appointment goes well. Thinking of you.

  2. : ( So sorry that you're feeling so poorly. I hope you get some good medical care and they figure out what's up... and that you're on the mend soon.

  3. So glad you got in! I hope you start feeling better soon. Xoxox

  4. Geez! Suck! I hope you can get this worked out fast!

  5. I'm so sorry you're sick! Hopefully you'll see someone who can prescribe something to help with the headaches and the congestion. Fingers crossed and speedy recovery!

  6. Oh you poor thing! I hope they gave you something good that will hopefully work quickly! Feel better soon!


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