Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Smelling The Lilacs

Yes, that is right I can smell again!  YAY!

No we don't have lilacs blooming here in WA as of yet, and I'm not sure we have any nearby me when they would bloom.  I am however, smelling lilac due to the Flonase.

Yesterday I went to the clinic and was seen by a really nice Captain.  She went over me thoroughly and even noted how loud my murmur was heard by having me hold my breath.  I guess she thought it might be my breathing that was making all that noise.  But no, it is the murmur and yes I've been getting some chest pains again.  I figure that the pains are associated with the sinus congestion as the harder it is to breath the harder my heart has to pump.

I had a low grade fever, my sinus cavities are impacted too.  But not to worry too much as the nice doctor gave me Flonase, Augmentin, Mucinex DM, and Afrin.  Within 30 minutes the nasal sprays were working their magic and I could breathe again.  However, when I lie down the mucus just sits there and clogs my airway so I might have to drag out my nebulizer soon.

Last night I had to disconnect my vaporizer due to water build up.  We've been having a lot of rainstorms here and well the vaporizer is causing water vapor to collect on the wall with the window.  Two hours after I unplugged my vaporizer the water vapor disappeared.  Darn it all, the vaporizer was really helping my breathing too.

One thing to note, I'm not dead yet nor have I developed a rash from the Augmentin as of yet.  I do have a penicillin allergy and Augmentin contains amoxil in it.  But there really wasn't any other choice of drugs to give to me with so many drug allergies.  I agreed to this one as I have the least of the bad reactions to it as only my skin likes to peel off.  So far no skin is peeling off.  Yes, weird reaction but well it does happen.

I have a follow up on the 11th of January with the same doctor to make sure the infection is gone before we start on the microdose of Lupron.  Well haha, my appointment with her is after the first micro dose of the Lupron so this is going to be interesting.  But with any luck I'll respond well to the antibiotics and I'll be free and clear by the time I head fully into the main injections.

I want to take a second to say thank you to everyone that is wishing me good health. I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  I have faith that I'll heal before the IVF, or rather I hope I will.


  1. Rebecca, so sorry to hear about your sickness! Hoping and praying you are feeling up to par soon.

    Question about the micro-dose Lupron - why does your doctor have you on that protocol? Just trying to learn all I can since it looks like my IVF will be similar to your first cycle as well!

  2. Cheers to 2012! Glad you are feeling better.

  3. @Orange Girl. The micro dose of Lupron is because the full dose of it last IVF suppressed my ovaries too much to the point that I had only 8 follicle, four developed then it dropped to just 2 of which were retrieved and mature eggs. One fertilized. So now they are realizing that I need way less.

  4. Glad you can breathe again! Praying that you'll be 100% for your upcoming cycle! :)


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