Friday, December 16, 2011

Out Shopping

Really short blog post today.

I went shopping with my bestie S.  I couldn't find a darn thing that I wanted to buy for my spouse with his money from my mom.  The gun shop that I went to that I thought would have the items from his reloading list, yes he gave me a list, actually aren't carrying bullet casings, primers and powder now.

So now its off to chase another wild goose.

I did have fun shopping, enjoyed some really good pizza, and came up with more gift ideas for my husband to gift to me.  He hasn't finished shopping for me yet and needs some really good hints.  I guess I might have to make him a list.  I don't want much and I did set a $100 gift purchase limit.  One big gift or small ones but it can't exceed that number because as we all know IVF isn't cheap.

Thanks to bestie S, I'm thinking that a bottle of perfume might make me happy this year.  I purchased a bottle of Tresor for myself from my husband for Christmas 2009 while he was deployed to Iraq.  I don't use it often as there are so many folks about me that seem to be allergic to scents that I usually forgo wearing any cologne of any sort.  Why should I care about them?  I've no clue since most don't care about my allergies, feelings and needs.  Perfume and cosmetics cheer me up.  I guess its a girl thing.

I'm sure J can get just what I want at our Exchange here on the military installation.  Sometimes being in the Army does have its perks when we can get a few items for less than the other stores on the economy which carry the same items, though not always and not often but it seems that perfume is one of the things we can get for less.

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  1. So glad you had a good time shopping out with your friend!


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