Friday, December 9, 2011

Complaint Department

I'm so not in the mood today.

I have had about an hour's sleep in the past 24 hours.

This will be the third night in a row my husband has been pulling a double shift.

I never see him except when he sleeps.

Today I'm asking that every one understand that I'm going to be on edge.  There is only just so much caffeine I can digest before I start to puke it back.  I'm going to be a bitch today.  Probably tomorrow too.

We were supposed to go to a family party tomorrow and it looks like he'll be on detail AGAIN!

Thank you Obama for short staffing them to the point that my spouse, who doesn't get paid over time but by the month no matter how many hours he works, is now working double shifts.  So much for family time being for the family.

Oh and Thanks again President Obama for screwing my spouse out of his career path.  Figured you and your staffers would decide my email isn't worthy enough to respond to.  Not even a form style email.  Don't expect my vote.

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