Sunday, May 20, 2012

Better and Worse

Today my mood is better.

Today the pain is worse.

If it continues to get worse I will haul my body off to the ER.  I promise.  Though I'd rather wait until Monday because we all know that the ER is crowded on weekends.  I've yet to figure out why too.  I mean do they have nothing better to do than get sick on their day off?  Is this their only excitement in life?  I feel sad for them if it is.  I see so many not very ill folks when I go to the ER. Often its just people with nausea and vomiting or a cold that they could just as easily wait until the next duty day and get seen by their PCM.  I can only imagine that if the medical care were socialized the ER would get worse.  Just my opinion.


  1. I hope your pain subsides soon! Praying you don't have to go to the ER!

    1. Pain is still there and its coming through on the tramadol more so than a few days ago. I'm still hoping that if I take it easy it will soon subside.


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