Thursday, May 24, 2012

Early To Rise

Well I'm up extra early this morning.  Pain woke me.  Pain also kept me up most of the night.

I have a 1300 hrs appointment with my RE today.  They are really worried about torsion or so Nurse S said after she spoke with both doctor B's.

I know this might sound foolish but I'm not going to eat until after the appointment today.  I can remember back to last year when I had the 9 cm cyst and they were talking about operating on it then.  Dr. B. was glad that I had yet to eat for the day as a "just in case".  Even though I realize that I'm going to be starving by 1300 hrs I'll be okay.  I'm fat enough to deal with skipping a few meals.

I want this taken care of soon.  My back is now killing me.  Its been hurting so bad the past few days.  My thighs hurt too.  I just want something done about the pain and if need be something done about the cysts like removing them if they haven't already ruptured.  I'm thinking that its a possibility that one might have ruptured and I ignored the pain.  A few months back I ignored the pain when I had one rupture and my RE has spotted it in the ultrasound.  He said next time that I'm in pain to call them.  I'm so used to being in pain with all my other medical conditions that often I just ignore it and keep going.  No its not easy but it can be done.

So I'll know more this afternoon about what is what inside of me and what they are planning on doing next to make me more comfortable.  I'll write about it either later today or tomorrow.

Oh side note, I've been working really hard this week to lose weight and I've managed to get 4.2 pounds off with just watching what I eat.  Oh I still have snacks but I have to take in to account the fact that I'm now a sloth and am on modified bed rest. 


  1. I am so happy to hear that you are going in today and hopefully something is done about your cyst. Even if it is just medication to help with the amount of pain you are in. I will be waiting to hear how things went.

    Btw congrats on weight loss!

    1. I just wondering if one of the two cysts ruptured. All the pain I've been in its quite possible. Right now the pain is twinges with fiery after effects making my pelvis just ache.

  2. I hope that you come out of this appointment with less pain, whatever the problem is.

    1. Some news but not a lot so I'll post it tomorrow. Still on modified bed rest.


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